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About Us


The Artists United is a non-profit organization that was created to help

Educate, Develop, Market and Promote individuals, utilizing the entertainment industry.

Our Objective is to Preserve Arts and Culture in Our Communities.

Since our conception in 2004, The Artists United (TAU) has created an infrastructure to assist in making better business principles, products and practices. Joining hands with our top associates, we created a network of executives called “The Friends of Friends”.  These professionals  have chosen TAU as the vehicle to “give back” to the community on a regular basis. They are our teachers, leaders, and power elite of this movement.  They empower and train individuals to grow in their respected fields and inspire them to become the new wave of leaders. We established a positive cycle that ushers change and helps preserve arts and culture in our community. We implemented tools such as quality programming, educational seminars, professional resources, developmental classes, promotional outlets, marketing strategies and live productions to support our objective.

TAU’s long range goal is to build a facility that encompasses the proper physical structure, foundations and educational tools to help build a community of, for and by independent people.


We now embark on the physical application of the knowledge acquired throughout the years, The Artists United has organized many festivals such as The Islamic Heritage Festival on Penn’s Landing (PECO Multicultural Series), The NiceTown Giveback Festival, Summerfest in Clara Muhammad Park, The Anti Bondage Day Festival, Wadsworth Day Festival, Figueroa Family Giveback Day, Soul Stock Festival and now United We Band.

UNITED WE BAND”  The Movement was created to uplift, empower, enlighten and educate our communities through live entertainment.

February 11, 2016